Friday, April 1, 2011

TRANS-CULTURAL Shoot (Behind the scenes...)

WE ARE TRIBE hung out all day on sunday styling a shoot for Maria Calderon and Sara Forrest.
I was only able to take a few shots with my camera before it died. :( Why is it still so cold looking
and dead you may ask, isn't it April? Well that's the midwest for you. Some may say it's the chemtrails and weather control service in the sky, THE MAN keeping us from the SUN. I AM in dire need of the SUN these days but I will have to say--cloudy skies and dead trees ALWAYS make for some good 'ol fashion creepy shots. xo

bo and i hung out freezing our toes OFF!!! (it started snowing!!)
we thought it best just to layer everything we brought to style
with, it actually worked out quite well. :)
we waited in the car with our warm coffee and watched
the girls from a distance. BRAVE ones that they are, through
rain and through snow.

Check out the TRANS-CULTURE pictures to see WE ARE TRIBE 
wardrobe and styling.


  1. love these my fellow copper haired lady! oh man, chem trails! those are a big deal here. the talk of the town always. especially since we run off of solar.

  2. shoot! i bet! it's hard to miss these things especially when everyone around you is constantly sick. i don't want this in my lungs!! thank you.

    thank you! thank you!

    laurie ray--the red-headed gem in the photos is my muse and definitely a kindred spirit to all copper colored ladies. i myself have been blessed by the SUN with a bit of the goodness as well (but laurie is absolute magic).

  3. Love these photos and that hair, gosh like a golden lion!