Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jenny Kee

It's been quite a minute since I've been able to sit down, collect my thoughts, and blog. Even right now I don't feel "collected" but I couldn't help myself after searching deep into the events of Australian Fashion Week and discovering Jenny Kee!! How did I not know about her genius already?! Thanks goodness for the wonders of the web bringing her glory to my homestead and my salivating eyes which are currently dripping with satisfaction. I briefly skimmed the surface while researching of Jenny Kee....

"Over 40 years, Jenny's work has appeared on silk, on paper, on wool, on cotton, on ceramics and on canvas. Her creativity has been shaped by an eclectic mix of global influences, from Aboriginal Australian to early European, and the exotic arts of Africa, India, Asia and South America. Jenny's distinctive style has evolved, steeped in a passion for nature, to reflect a “strong, spontaneous, bold and optimistic.”

A fascinating women to say the least I feel a bit overwhelmed, nevermind her brief encounter with John Lennon, she's an definite inspiration and radical human being. I hope to do another post about her past achievements/creations but for now here are a multitude of images taken during her most current collection during Australian Fashion Week 2012.

Please Enjoy.

Thank You Jenny Kee for creating.


(all images taken from a variety of websites/blogs///etc.)


  1. These are incredible!! I didn't know of her either, and so I'm especially glad you shared! All these vibrant colors and patterns, eye candy to the extreme! xx

  2. I can not breathe.....These intense colors! Love all.